Serving The Greater Philadelphia

Area Since 1999


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M&M Landscaping is no stranger to mass acreage, wide area mowing and schools. We maintain over 1400 acres per week, touching 360 governmental and institutional facility locations.


Our staff has the required clearances and background checks to service any facility requiring FBI Identity History Summary Checks (34 US CODE 20351), Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (Pennsylvania School Law 24 PS1-11), and Pennsylvania State Police background checks to operate.


Every employee at M&M Landscaping from laborer and crew leader to foreman and manager, we all take great pride in our work and performance.     Contact us today for a free consultation.

Top quality maintenance for your government and institutional facilities

  • Flower bed maintenance and weeding.

  • Flower rotations.

  • Mulching.

  • Mowing.

  • Trash collection.

  • Spring and fall cleanup.

  • Pruning.

  • Herbicide and fertilizer application.

  • Rain garden and bio-swale maintenance.

Some of our government maintenance services include:

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management team will keep you open for business, and our 20 years of experience will give you extra legs to stand on.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down this year. Our snow & ice

The Winter Blues

times per season. Keeping your parking lot safe and your lobby clean, that’s just what we do.

Wet leaves are a slippery mess. That’s why we clear them out two

Fall Showers

about with the boss breathing down your neck. The property looks great and the weeds are pulled, you’ll show them!

Don’t sweat the small stuff this summer. One less thing to worry

Dog Days of Summer

Let our green-thumbed team of experts guide your every decision to keep your property looking great all season long.

Seasonal flower rotation doesn’t have to leave your head spinning.  

Spring Flowers


Call us today for a consultation on your government landscape maintenance


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